A festival moment

Antonysamy Abel
" I used warm colors only, I play with values !"

Dimensions: 76 cm × 56 cm × 0 cm
Prix : 650,00 €
Palettes :650


Portrait de Antonysamy Abel
In the absence of schools specializing in water colour. I gained mastery in this technique by spending 5 to 6 hours per day in the open spaces practicing and perfection this technique. Without using Black and White colours, spreading thin layers of light colours and gradually shifting to darker layers enable the figures to acquire three dimension and there by provide wonder to the beholder. The long shadows of nature created by the yellow rays of the sunlight at dawn and dark combined with movement of people’s day to day life. The contrasting beauty of shadows or light on a white wall. The transcendently descending rays of light through the porous plastic rays of shops in a market and the colourful shades it spreads on the people within depending on the colour of the plastic sheets provide a beauty rarely discerned. Green and dry scenes of village busy town roads, high rising building of cities, whatever the subject, the contrast created by the rays of sunlight have always intrigued and inspired my works of art.

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