St Petesburg

Mulick Milind
Saint Petersburg is a Russian city in northwestern Russia, near the Gulf of
Finland of the Baltic Sea. Over five million people live in St. Petersburg as
of 2015, and it is the second biggest city in Russia.

Saint Pétersbourg est située au Nord-Ouest de la Russie , près du Golfe de
la Finlande de la mer Baltique. En 2015 plus de cinq millions de personnes
vivaient à St.-Pétersbourg: c'est la deuxième ville plus grande de Russie.

Dimensions: 50 cm × 38 cm × 0 cm
Prix : 500,00 €
Palettes :500


Portrait de Mulick Milind
I am a full time painter I paint what I see. It is not the subject but the shapes, tones, color and there relation along with the play of light that crates a sensation. I paint because I wish to respond and communicate this sensation. The selection of shapes and tones rendered in realistic style with washes and brushstrokes is my painting. The selection is my vision and creates a body for the sensation felt. If the viewer responds by saying “wow”, I believe he responds to that “abstract quality”,that”visual sensation” which I felt. This is probably my best reward and fulfillment than any long essay written by a critique

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